Body Language Is Everything

Unspoken actions can sometimes reveal a lot about a person. Whether you do them consciously or unconsciously. During your internship interview, you will meet people who are already experts at what they do best: evaluating, criticizing, and observing people who want to be interns like you.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should be aware that your body language will play a significant role in your internship interview. This is due to the fact that it will reveal a lot about your personality. Most employers use this method to evaluate their interviewees. That is why, during an interview, you should be aware of your body language.

Body language can be divided into two categories: positive and negative. The positive types, of course, are those that represent your positive characteristics. These are also the ones that most employers look for when evaluating your resume. The negative types, on the other hand, are those movements or positions that usually represent a negative personality.

Be aware and optimistic!

During your interview, being aware of and focusing on positive body movements will give you an edge. Here are some examples of positive body language to use while being interviewed.

Eye contact is the most positive form of body language you can use. This is crucial if you want to convey confidence and trust. However, you should not overdo it, as it can create an unsettling ambiance and suggest over-familiarity.

One of the most easily noticed is giving a firm and friendly handshake. When you grip something too tightly, you may come across as arrogant. However, if your handshake is too shaky, it usually indicates a personality flaw.

Keeping your chin up is another excellent example of body language. This can be done both literally and figuratively. To demonstrate attentiveness, try smiling with open lips and tilting your head slightly.

Another example of a positive type is making your palms visible. This demonstrates your honesty and openness to your employer. A sense of power can also be conveyed by touching your fingertips together.

Avoiding Negative Body Language

If you have to focus on your positive body language during an interview, you should also be aware of some negative body language that you should avoid.

To begin, avoid crossing your arms, as this can be perceived as defensive. Looking down, tapping your feet, resting your head on your shoulders, and slouching are all four major no-nos that all convey boredom.

Lock your ankles, play with your hair, fidget, or even bite your nails to hide your nervousness from your interviewer.

During an interview, you should avoid being arrogant or overconfident. Being self-assured is a good thing, but going overboard is not. To avoid displaying this, avoid walking too erectly and quickly while clasping your hands behind your head. Keep in mind that you are in a job interview, not at home, where you can act like this.

Aggression can be demonstrated by putting your hands on your hips and making angry gestures such as placing your fists on the table and pointing, which is a bad thing to do when applying for a job.

Finally, avoid rubbing your nose or eyes; doing so conveys uncertainty, which may lead your interviewer to believe you are undecided about the position.

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