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Below are the featured services you would get when you set up your profile on MyJobAlly

  • Apply vis LinkedIn and others

    You can apply for jobs via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter if the employer allows.

  • Get Match with the Job You Love

    Our system powered by the algorism will automatically match you to the job you want based on the content of your resume.

  • Have access to create more CVs

    Our system would allow you to create more CVs that would allow you to apply for relevant jobs from different sectors.

  • Get noticed by top employers

    Completing your profile would boost your visibility for potential employers to see and contact you directly for the recruitment process.

  • Mutiple CV Designs

    Get access to Multiple CVs Designs, design your CV professionally, and download in PDF format.

  • Contact Potential Employers

    You can contact some employers that enable chat and other means of communication like Zoom meeting etc.

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